Sunday, March 15, 2015

Arafat Conspiracy

This is an example of the dog that didn’t bark.  Arafat was killed by polonium poisoning.  This poison has the property of leaking residue all over the place, which residue is traceable to whichever nuclear reactor created it.  Any intelligence agency worth anything has its own private sample of this poison and determined which country killed Arafat and no one is saying.
If it were Israel the stool pigeons would have reached a crescendo.  This leaves one likely candidate.
The poisoning of Litvinenko two years later by polonium seemed odd. It appeared that Russia intended to put a big greasy thumb print on the murder as a warning to other dissidents.  Were they also waving a big sign pointing at Arafat?
Currently the US government has claimed the right to murder terrorists.  But this was the poisoning of a world leader in 2004.
It appears that taking out Saud’s stooge was irresistible to the Bush administration

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