Sunday, March 15, 2015

Death of John Lennon

One of the benefits of working for Time Inc. was that I read all the magazines. It was interesting how they would use everything but the squeal from the same story.  People would interview Michael Jackson, Time would review him, and Fortune would analyze his finances.  Occasionally there would be a conflict of interest, a positive review or a stock tip, my favorite was Money Magazine endorsing sweepstakes participation, since Time owned American Family Publishers. 
People Magazine horrified me.  They are the only celebrity magazine that publishes itinerary.  The Enquirer will say that aliens have abducted Miley Cyrus.  People shows the swamp where she meets them.   Usually the victims of these profiles are labor organizers or prominent left leaning politicians, quelle surprise. Then I noticed another group, celebrities living around Central Park. What was that all about?  I believe that these individuals had been active in opposing the building of a Trump tower shadowing Central Park.
People was terrorizing these celebrities by saying:
-We know where you live.
Obviously, I can’t prove that Chapman got Lennon’s building location from People.  I believe he denied it.  The point is that itinerary is worse than defamation.
If there ever is a celebrities union, the banning of itinerary articles should be a number one priority.

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