Sunday, March 15, 2015

Die At County

Let me die at County
Not out on the street
Let me die at County
Take me off my feet
Let me die at County
When I’m passing on
Cause dying at County
I won’t be alone
Ma died at County
Daddy he did too
My eldest died of gunshot there
And his wife she did too
So take me to County
When my time is done
Cause dying at County
I won’t be alone.
All the hospitals are on standby
The ambulance won’t stop
Don’t matter it you’re a movie star
Don’t matter if you’re a cop
The building’s kind of new
And it’s packed to the brim
I may die at County
But they always take me in
The young men are dying
It’s taking them awhile
Trying to go with dignity
And just a little style
Medicines expensive
Health care aint free
Last year’s social butterfly
Has no modesty
My HMO says SOL
My PPO just won’t
Medicaid wants to be paid
And Medicare just don’t
So take me to County
I can’t afford to pay
Let me die at County
In the USA
County’s the best hospital
So I’ve been told
All the doctors are young
All the nurses are old
When it’s their turn to die
They reach paradise
Cause they’ve spent enough time
In fire and ice
They took County hospital
Put it on TV
Made a lot of money
Off people like me.
They get residuals
I get along
All I’ve got left is
This damn old song
I went to the county
I was sick real bad
It was the worst
I’d ever had
Told the clerk
I felt I was dying
She told me
To get in the line
Stroger had a stroke
The ambulance raced
Didn’t stop
Till it got to his place
Stroger came to
Opened an eye
Said keep on going
Aint ready to die

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