Saturday, March 14, 2015

Global Warming

No one listens to the right, or never right, not even the right themselves. Their latest arguments ascribe global warming to natural cycles.  It is certainly true that there have been variation in the earth’s climate.  Various unsatisfying theories attempt to account for this.  Yet of all the experiments done in space there has yet to be a baseline measurement of solar output.  That is, there has been no object placed at some set distance from the sun to measure its effect on say the expansion of a metal plate, or perhaps its conductivity.  I’m aware that there are all sorts of methodological issues.  To put it vulgarly I want a thermometer in space to take a baseline measure outside of the effect of atmosphere or mass.  It’s not that I expect a perfect measure, let’s start with a record of variation. This may require a planetary orbit.

It may be that the sun’s output is constant.  I doubt it, but let that be the case. Perhaps there are other causes for the earth’s variation.  In any case, that variation exists.  Our current models of the earth’s atmosphere are exceptionally detailed.  They all predict that our increasing contribution of carbon dioxide will warm the earth.   If anything, they have been too conservative.  Invariably the impact of global warming has been greater than predicted.  Perhaps this is because the scientists did not want to be alarmist. However, if the right is correct and we are in a natural warming trend then our human centric models will fail to predict just how bad things are going to be.

Here we are fiddling with light bulbs, corn oil and hybrids when the oceans are going to boil.   

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