Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marilyn Monroe Deserves a Memorial

A dedicated craftsman, deeply passionate about her art and a great comedian, I recently saw All About Eve where she gave a class in the difference between movie and thespian acting.  The new statue in Pioneer Court recognizes her stature.  In fairness after Rodin most statues seem poor.  Gazing at the statue I miss her.  She had such gifts.  I remember her line about getting a date shortly before she died.  I can think of several things she might have said about this statue but I am sure her own line would have been far more devastating.
Perhaps someone would ask her if she had seen the statue and she would reply:
Perhaps she’d say something about the statue being thin or where’s her horse.
Perhaps it would be something about a hammer.  This statue reminds me of the porcelain collectibles that were put out about twenty years ago.  This statue is more about the collectible than the actress.
It is difficult to memorialize Marilyn Monroe.  Arthur Miller attempted it. Remember when she tore up the McCarthy hearings?  Millers play was pretty much a eulogy.  Notice how they are spoofing method acting in the Seven Year Itch subway scene.  
Perhaps this statue represents a greater, more universal aesthetic.  I remember how disappointed I was seeing my first natural sunset with its insipid pink and baby blue.  If the galaxy can have a Mobius strip at its center maybe Michigan and Wacker should have a  huge doll image of Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps this idol has brought the heat wave.

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