Sunday, March 15, 2015

Real Estate Tax Deduction

The greatest and most difficult issue facing humanity is social segregation. This issue allows all other issues to fester unaddressed. The fictional town of Pottersville has one significant advantage over our real civic arrangements: Potter lives in Pottersville. The cost per student at The Cairo IL high school is $8,817. In Highland Park IL it is $17,636.  That is because education, security, maintenance and recreation are funded by real estate taxes.  The corporate ghetto, Oak Brook IL, is organized to minimize services in order to benefit the companies that reside there.  Other suburbs minimize their education expenses because only the servants use those schools or the residents are old.
The real estate tax itself could be very progressive. But using it to locally fund our services maximizes the benefits of social segregation.
The cherry on top, isn’t it great to live in America, is that social segregation is then subsidized by our income tax code.  Because the real estate tax is deductible I get to pay more in taxes, or we borrow the difference, to encourage the stratification of our society. 
The real estate tax deduction is the most vicious and depraved regulation of our entire tax code.

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