Sunday, March 15, 2015

Romney Tithing

How odd that Romney doesn't reveal his tax records.  It seems like he is not serious about running for president. He must have known of his ambition for some time, perhaps not ten years but at least a few.  I find it hard to believe that anyone will be worked up about a Republican avoiding their taxes.  So what could it be?  I suspect it’s the charitable deduction.  First I thought of an early imprudent donation to Planned Parenthood.  Then I remembered: tithing.  An LDS member is supposed to give ten percent of their income to the church.  Problem is there wasn't that much income.  The whole point of tax avoidance is to move it into capital gains.  As usual, it isn't that he broke the rules, but that the rules, even for the church, favor the rich.  If someone can dig out video of Bishop Romney speaking on the joys of tithing and then lay it against a return where ten times his contribution is a lot less than his post-tax net, the ensuing discussion could be difficult not only for Romney but a lot of other members.

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