Sunday, March 15, 2015

The President’s Tucson Speech

I’m surprised that no one has recognized Obama’s speech in Tucson.  The papers give credit to a young speechwriter from Wilmette.  This same well-worn speech has been given thousands of times by ministers across the country.  Whenever someone has died for standing, the ministers trot out this chestnut.  You can’t beat them on hatred, stupidity or bitterness, so you concentrate on love, decency, truth and caring.   Because we are the good, the righteous and just, and they are filthy swamp slime and don’t you ever, ever, ever forget that.
I can’t stand watching Palin.  I just don’t have the tolerance for it.  She may be some kind of smart, but when she is talking, she gets an irritating unfocused stupid look. Reading the text of her speech, it seemed reasonable. Except that while I understand that she talks in code, people should say what they mean. If she meant votes, she should have said votes.
We have learned a few things about Congresswoman Giffords.  I doubt that I agree with her views much, but she sounds like she’d be fun at a party.  I look forward to hearing what she thinks of this tragedy.
It’s so sad that the response focuses on the size of magazines.  The NRA solution of arming everyone is sad as well.  People like me, with intense hair trigger tempers, should not carry arms.  Only the Secret Service seems to be taking a fact based, rational, even humanist approach.  At the risk of over simplifying, perhaps this is a national health care issue.

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