Sunday, March 15, 2015

The War Nerd Is Great

If you haven’t been on this site before, this is a perfect introduction:
This goes back to the days of CrackedMad MagazineMarvel Comics, you get the idea.  Another fun page is:
A typical War Nerd page provides for days of boy talk. A few points:
1.      Lady Di flipped Clinton on landmines.  I don’t know what she said in that phone call, but President Clinton reversed course and yanked them out of Guantamo and Korea. Perhaps it was simply being a vote monster on how many votes she had as against the military lobby. That one act may have been why she died:
-I spent how much this year and that Bimbette queered me with a phone call?
She saved more lives in that one moment than Mother Theresa in her whole life. 
Actually this point is from an earlier post:
2.      If I were the Chinese I would call the Admiral on his cell just as the DF21 was coming down.  How many different radio signatures does an aircraft carrier have?
3.      Submarines are no safer than carriers.  All the issues with carriers work equally well with submarines.  Simply substitute torpedoes for missiles.
4.      The terrifying thing about China is the testosterone issue: when the boy/girl ratio, or girl/boy depending, gets that big then war becomes inevitable.
5.  Exiled writers use pen names.

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