Tuesday, December 29, 2015

President Trump

No one believes Trump will be President. They fail to realize that he will, of course, change all his positions after he is nominated:
-Of course I was lying, how else would I get the nomination?

 Usually politicians shade their position rather than flat out contradict it. But we are talking Trump:
-Abortion is necessary. You think I’m stupid? Hey, I’ll kill the kids myself. If Carson can be president, I can be a doctor.
-Open borders, everybody gets in. Why check? They can’t be worse than what we’ve got.
-When I’m president, I’ll turn the Pentagon into a combination mall, condos and offices.
-If Warren won’t be Vice President then I want her in treasury.
 -No more Obamacare. We will have traditional Republican single payer.
-Legalize it, all of it.
-Get the Police off the streets, safer for everyone.
-My first act as president will be to line Goldman Sachs against the wall and shoot them. Citibank? What Citibank? HSBC goes to Guantanamo, after we send those poor Muslims home.

Sanders would have to say:
-We shouldn’t shoot anyone without a trial.

Sanders will probably vote for Trump. So will you.

See? Trump really is a politician.

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