Friday, May 6, 2016


Proposed Congressional legislation:

1. The National Security Agency is only authorized to intercept communications. Any other such authorization it may require must be obtained from the Defense Department.
2. Nuclear weapons can only be launched with the initiative of the president and the four senior military commanders. There is no individual initiative to launch and any attempt to supersede this initiative nullifies it.
3. The President has no authority to initiate military action. All such action must be initiated by Congress. Congress must annually explicitly approve all military missions. Loss of approval ends the mission. Military violation of a nation’s sovereignty without explicit consent of congress receives minimum sentence of five years. 

It has become obvious that our nation’s electorate does not respect the executive. For the safety of the country and the world, Congress must act. National Security Authority has been abused on several occasions, most notably with Watergate. Both Kennedy and Reagan nearly brought nuclear disaster. The third provision would not have prevented our most egregious military losses. Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan would still have occurred. But it may have restrained Eisenhower’s adventures, our Caribbean escapades, ruination of South and Central America, the slaughter in Indonesia and perhaps even Cambodia, Libya, and our current SOCOM fantasies.
While I’m at it:

4. Whenever the Central Intelligence Agency is apprehended either domestically or internationally it must submit to rule of law without equivocation or exception. Attempts to suppress investigation are felonies punishable by a minimum of five years imprisonment. 
5. Only Congress can issue pardons. The President cannot be pardoned.
Call this the Nixon Act.

6. Service as Director of the FBI is limited to ten years.
This would be the Hoover Act.

7. Attorney General is no longer a cabinet official but an independent office appointed for a ten year term. 

If Congress could get up on its hind legs, the end of the imperial presidency would be Trump’s greatest contribution.

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